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3 Tips to Survive this Awkward Time of Year
3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Say Yes to Anything
3 Mouth Watering Frozen Treats That You’ve Gotta Try This Summer
3 Rooms in Your Home That May Be Preventing Weight Loss
3 Must Read Lessons for Grownups Who Are Kids at Heart
3 Reasons Why Your Loved Ones Don’t Want You To Change and What To Do About It
3 Things to Avoid if You’re Trying to Conceive a Healthy, Happy Baby
3 Things to Make Sure You Consume if You Want to Conceive a Healthy, Happy Baby
3 Ways to Ward off That Nagging Cough.
4 Mind-Altering Ways Food Can Affect Depression and Anxiety
4 Proven Ways Jumpstart your Body for Bathing Suit Season
4 Simple Tips to Enjoy Naturally Healthy Periods (and Shrink your Man Boobs)
5 Steps to Prevent Disappointment in Relationships
5 Tested Methods To Decrease Seasonal Allergy Suffering
5 Evil Ways Evil Sugar Messes With Your Program
5 Top-Notch, Over-Looked Tactics to Fight Off Infections Like a Superstar
5 Questions to Ask Yourself if You Don’t Want to Gain Weight This Holiday Season
6 Secret Reasons Why Your Skin Isn’t Sparkling
7 Steps to Cultivate Happiness
7 Ways to Maximize Your Health Outcomes
7 Ways to Know if Your Body Needs a Break
7.5 Tips to Supersize Your Nutrition WITHOUT Increasing your Waistline
8 Ways to Reduce Fear and Increase Joy and Confidence
9 Reasons to Pause Before you Slather on Sunscreen
10 Natural Remedies for Depression
10 Reasons Why You Should Pray
11 Ways to Eat More Veggies Than You Thought Humanly Possible
20 Ways to Attract More Joy into Your Life
25 Simple Ways to Overcome Burnout
100 Reasons Why Your Healthy Living Plan Isn’t Working Out (and What To Do Instead)


A Cocktail you Might Actually Need
A Five Minute Practice to Increase your Life Satisfaction
A Fun Practice That Will Change Your Stress Forever
A Hard Thing To Do.
A Love Note To You: The Kindest Blog Post That Ever Lived
Are the Stories You’re Telling Yourself True?
Are You Eating Reactive Foods? 14 Ways to Tell.
Are You Missing this Opportunity for Joy?
Are You Suffering From an Upper Limit Problem?
Are You Taking the Wrong Fatty Acids?


Can Anger Be A Graceful Emotion?
Communications 101: How to Talk and Listen with out Triggering Each Other
Considering Meditation? My Surprising Secret About Where to Start Your Practice
Curing your Stress Like a Ninja: Deep Breathing for Beginners.


Do You Ever Feel Like You Need a Compass to Navigate this Crazy Human Life?
Don’t Give Up. It’s Possible to Feel Better
Dr. Tonia’s Favorite Things from 2016


Everything You Need to Know Before Your First Acupuncture Appointment


Finding the Sacred in the Everyday (and in Every Day!)
Forgiveness Prayer – Ho’oponopono


Get Rid of Your Headaches Naturally
Gratitude 201: Kicking Your Gratitude Practice Up a Notch


Health Doesn’t Really Matter. Here’s What Does.
Histamine: Your Body’s Secret Frenemy – Part 1
Histamine: Your Body’s Secret Frenemy – Part 2
How Donating a Dress Opened My Heart
How Far is What You Choose From What You Really Want?
How I Lost 7 Pounds in 20 Days
How My Perspective Shifted Over A Public Sink
How to Create a Healing Goal
How to Delight Yourself First
How To Find Rest
How to Fly Smoothly Through Life’s Ups and Downs
How To Get Fit In Less Than An Hour Per Week
How to Get Through the Holidays Without Going Up a Pant Size
How to Know if you have Allergies or a Cold
How to Know If You’re Consuming Too Much Caffeine
How to Make the Most of your Peri and Menopausal Years
How to Make the Right Decision
How to Poo More, If You’re Not Pooing Enough
How to Prevent and Treat 3 Common Summer Ailments with Natural Remedies
How to Say No When You Don’t Want to do Something.
How to Talk to Your Hunny About PMS
How to Talk to Your Loved Ones About Your Diet Changes


I want to give this back to you
I want to Live in a World… (My Birthday Wish)
If It’s Not Scheduled, It’s Not Real
If Laughter is the Best Medicine, Then Here. Have Some.
Interview with Diana Marchand of Raw Foods Made Simple
Is He The Right One? How to Know
It’s Not What You Know, But What You Do
It’s Okay To Change Your Mind


Just Be Unabashedly You
Just Say Thank You


Listening to That Little Voice


Make Art. Define Your Own Perfection. Lessons From Col. Chris Hadfield
My Secret Intention I Say Before I Do Pretty Much Anything


One Stroke at a Time


Possibly the Most Vital Thing We Can Ever Learn
Pour the Wax Out
Preparing the body and mind for a healthy, happy baby.


Repairing Relationships – Connecting Through Touch
Rethinking Your Diagnosis – Is It Really All That?


SNEAK PEEK: Behind the Scenes of my Morning Routine
Stomach Acid and Stress. It’s Not What You Think.
Supplements. Why You Need Them. When You Don’t.


The 6 Steps I Take to Make Sure You Get Better
The Best Way to Create a New Habit
The CRUCIAL Thing You Probably Know but Need To Remember About This Moment
The Easiest Way to Organize Your Supplements
The Healthy Secret Everyone Knows, But Few People Do Anything About
The Honest Truth about Overcoming Fear
The Importance of Being Honest
The Lesson I’m Not Sure I’ve Figured Out Yet
The Massively Overlooked Thing You MUST Do to Truly Thrive in Life
The Most Important Thing to Prevent Heart Attacks and Strokes
The Number One Secret to Sleeping 8 Hours a Night Like a Champ
The One Thing you MUST do Before you can EVER Consider Achieving “Work-Life Balance”
The Surprising Lesson I Learned From a Public Washroom
The Thing You Can’t Lose Weight With Out
The Truth Is… Reductionism Isn’t Reality.
The World Needs You and Your Gift
There’s Hope for Cancer – Radical Remission Book Review
Two Magic Little Words That Can Change Everything
Two Steps to Healing Miracles


Using Nature’s Wisdom to Heal From Injuries Faster


What Do You Truly Deserve?
What Doctors Aren’t Telling You About Healing Pain
What Moving Taught Me About the Healing Process
What our Ancestors Can Teach Us About Healing Anxiety
What It Means To Really Heal
What To Do With Your Negative Emotions
What You Need to Consider About the 80/20 Rule
What Your Skin Is Trying To Tell You…
What’s Really Behind Bone Loss
What’s Your Medicine?
Who Holds the Key to World Peace?
Why ABSOLUTELY Nothing is Wrong with Your Body or Your Health
Why Forgiveness Isn’t What You Think
Why I Don’t Believe in Night Owls.
Why I Rarely Recommend Fancy Allergy Testing
Why I Recommend Marie Forleo’s B-School to Live Your Dream
Why I’m Purging 365 Things This Year
Why It’s Best to Start Small
Why Joy is Overrated
Why Making Ice Cream Bars Was a Spiritual Experience
Why the Word Healthy Makes Me Cringe
Why We Have the Holiday Season All Backwards
Why We Should Make Toddler Choices and Have Adult Tantrums.
Why You Can’t Just Cleanse To Be Healthy
Why You Get Sick On Vacation and How To Not
Why Your Body is like a Bucket
Why You’re Not JUST What You Eat.


You Gotta Just Ask For What You Want
Your Body Remembers How To Heal
Your Digital Permission Slip

Guest Posts

Bright Almond: 5 Innovative ways to use tea without drinking it!
Conscious Nutrition: Four natural ways to have a healthier, happier period (or decrease your man boobs)
Elephant Journal: Life Lessons from Horse Manure
Elephant Journal: Making Wiggle Room for Change
Health Topics: An Introduction To Naturopathic Medicine
Health Topics: Avoiding The Flu – Whatcha Gonna Do?
Health Topics: Common Food Allergies – Itching For Relief
Health Topics: Healthy Holiday Tips – Get Your Sweat On Not Your Sweet On
Health Topics: Herbal Healing – The Doctor Is In The House
Health Topics: Home Hydrotherapy – Get Stimulated
Health Topics: Menopause Relief – Could It Really Be About Stress Relief?
Health Topics: Natural Cures for Constipation – How To Pull The Plug
Health Topics: Natural First Aid – Take The Bite Out Of Summer’s Little Woes
Health Topics: Naturally Quit Smoking – Part 1: Preparation
Health Topics: Naturally Quit Smoking – Part 2: Action
Health Topics: Stress Reduction Techniques – Breathe or Die and I’m Dead Serious
Health Topics: The Physiology Of Stress – In The Eye Of The Tiger
Health Topics: The Symptoms of Stress – Is Your “To Do” List Out “To Do” You
Introvert Spring: The Best Diet for Introverts: Suprising Links Between Personality and Food
Real Food Witch: 5 Inventive Ways to Use Herbal Teas
Save Your Time Biz Solutions: 3 Foolproof Tips to Get Your Body Rocking So You Can Get Business Hopping
Thrive Thursday: Interview on Self Care

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Marie Forleo’s – Live Your Dream Campaign

Annihilator – Stonewall [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Diana Marchand of Raw Foods Made Simple

BCNA – Stress
BCNA – Castor Oil Pack
BCNA – Dr. Tonia Intro



CTV Island News – Seasonal Allergy Segment



CHLY (Nanaimo):

Immune SystemA Sound Constitution, November 17, 2011

Mental Health (part 2)A Sound Constitution, June 30, 2011

Mental Health (part 1)A Sound Constitution, June 23, 2011

Food AllergiesA Sound Constitution, June 9, 2011

Airborne AllergiesA Sound Constitution, June 2, 2011

Vitamin DeficienciesA Sound Constitution, March 8, 2012



Health Action Network Society

Herbal Collective

Colour Magazine

Costco Connection (Sept 2012)



Expert Advice – Nanaimo News BulletinEvery two months or so

Parksville Qualicum Beach News (for Scientists and Innovators in the Schools) – December 18, 2012.


Public Lectures


TOPS Parksville

Crohn’s and Colitis Canada

Jodine Buydens – Calm and Confident

Scientists and Innovators in the Schools

Kids 4 Kids (Nanaimo)

Child Development Centre

Young Professionals of Nanaimo

City of Nanaimo

Vancouver Island University, Nanaimo – nursing and home care students

VIU, Duncan

Cowichan Valley Regional District, Island Savings Centre

BC Cancer Society – Prostate Cancer Support Group, Vancouver

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