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Wholesome Spirit

wholesomespiritI believe we are spiritual beings here on this planet having human experiences. Here are some of my lessons I’ve learned from living to find my spirit. Want a topic covered? Drop me a line and let me know what’s on your spirit wants to know!


How to Delight Yourself First
Why Joy is Overrated
3 Must Read Lessons for Grownups Who Are Kids at Heart
Are you Missing this Opportunity for Joy?

Present Moment

Finding the Sacred in the Everyday
Considering Meditation? My Surprising Secret About Where to Start Your Practice
Why Making Ice Cream Bars Was a Spiritual Experience
The CRUCIAL Thing You Probably Know but Need To Remember About This Moment

Your Potential

Don’t give up
Possibly the Most Vital Thing We Can Ever Learn
The One Thing you MUST do Before you can EVER Consider Achieving “Work-Life Balance”
The Honest Truth about Overcoming Fear
7 Ways to Maximize Your Health Outcomes


Can Anger Be A Graceful Emotion?
Why We Should Make Toddler Choices and Have Adult Tantrums.
Why Forgiveness Isn’t What You Think

Belief Systems

How to Make the Most of your Peri and Menopausal Years
The Surprising Lesson I Learned From a Public Washroom
The Lesson I’m Not Sure I’ve Figured Out Yet

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