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Two Steps to Healing Miracles

Dr. Tonia Winchester, nanaimo naturopathic doctor acupuncturist, shares what it takes to create a healing miracleYou have probably heard a version of the quote, “That which is measured, improves.”

Quantum scientists recognize this phenomenon identified by Werner Heisenberg: When particles are observed their behavior changes. He said, “What we observe is not nature itself, but nature exposed to our method of questioning.”

I see this in my work as well. Not so much on the particle level, but on the human level.

When people become conscious of their blocks to wellness often those blocks shift or disappear. (Tweet it!)

A new patient described the trouble she had with her periods. She would often have to miss work for 2-3 days because she was in so much pain.

After I heard all the details about her chief concerns and her medical history I told her about the amazing healing capacity of her body via my famous(?) bucket analogy.

Next a series of strategic questions shined a light on what was preventing her from feeling how she wanted to feel and established a healing goal.

Hers is quite beautiful:

I want to be healthy so that I can have the energy for artistic creation and so I can practice and experience self love so I can feel peace.

With the blocks identified and the healing goal articulated we were ready to put her plan together.

We talked about some basics (water, food, breathing.)

We discussed how to stay tuned into her inner wisdom which demonstrated such elegance and depth in that first visit.

We agreed to try a couple supplements.

In essence we were following the therapeutic order.

After answering all her questions we decided to follow up in a few weeks.

She was just beaming when she came back into my office. We had barely sat down before she blurted out how excited she was and how quickly things had shifted for her.

Her period came four days after our first visit. She barely had any pain, there was no disruption to her work and no need to lie down.

So in this instance the practices, healthy habits and healing remedies had not yet had a chance to work. But yet here she was having a completely different experience.

Just going through the questioning and aligning with such a clear intention was enough to create a powerful physiological change.

She actually had two periods during that interval. The second one was even better – not even a need for any medications.

Intention is enough.

To counter my own point, however, change is not an event, it’s an evolution. A journey. A process.

Intention is enough. To Start.

What I love about this story is that she also implemented the treatment program we laid out for her.

The mindset shifted first, with great result, but she still initiated and then continued with great care to practice the new behaviors so they would become habits.

Intention first.
Attention second.

While her AHA acted as an immediate revolution for her, her commitment to the program continued to improve her results and created sustainability.

What we shine a light on has to change.

Instead of burying your feelings, needs or desires express them.

Tune in. Listen to what your body is desperately trying to tell you. And don’t ignore what you discover.

Her body was telling her to rest. And she listened.

This understanding was a miracle for her. A miracle is a shift in perception. That’s all. Tiny and mighty all at once.

Miracles can be simple. Observe yourself (intention) and your physiology has to change. Then all you gotta do is show up and practice (attention) the new behavior until it’s locked in.

I’m not saying it’s going to be easy. But just keep showing up.

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