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What Do You Truly Deserve?

Lets talk about the word, "deserve." Particularly around the topic of food. I find it interesting, the deserving of food. Especially food that doesn't make us feel good. This topic has been rattling around in my brain thingy for a few weeks. To me, "I deserve," is a funny thing to say about food. I mean [...]

What To Do With Your Negative Emotions

Isn't this picture cool? I took it the other day and I just love it. I adore how the shadows of the beams from the fence kept the snow on the ground. As soon as I saw this on my walk with the dawgy I had a whirl wind of words come through me. Thank golly [...]

The World Needs You and Your Gift

Have you been dreaming about a new life? A new job or career? Something where you can use your unique gifts and talents, make good money, and make a difference? Something that will allow you to be feel satisfied, happy and abundant? A life that sparks you. Turns you on. Well dreamers, this post is [...]

My Secret Intention I Say Before I Do Pretty Much Anything

May this article be a healing article. May it reduce pain and suffering. May it bring more love, joy, and health into the world. It was clinic moving day. I was at the new clinic alone getting the moving boxes I'd stored there, before meeting the moving crew at the old clinic. It was a [...]

Your Body Remembers How to Heal

I went salsa dancing last week for the first time in several weeks. It was over two months, which in the span of my 10- year salsa dancing stint is a pretty long time. Even over the course of my life as a dancer (I started at age 3 or 4) 2 months is a [...]

Dr. Tonia’s Favorite Things from 2016

This time of year always sparks nostalgia for me. And maybe for you too. Some questions I tend to ask myself (and you can ask yourself) include: What went well this year? What sucked? What seemed bad but became a sparkly gift in the end? What would I do differently if I could? If I [...]

How to Fly Smoothly Through Life’s Ups and Downs

You know those moments in life when you think to yourself, "Gosh! Everything is going so smoothly right now!" I am not in one of those moments nor have I been for several months. This is why I haven't been consistently posting new content and sending out newsletters. It's not because I'm not thinking about [...]

Who Holds the Key to World Peace?

Facebook kindly told me today is the United Nations International Day of Peace.  Ironically that platform is not the most peaceful place to me to spend time and I try to minimize it as much as possible. I am only on it to find out about local salsa events. It is a means to a peaceful [...]

5 Steps to Prevent Disappointment in Relationships

I recently took a little holiday to get some sister medicine. I love our visits. We laugh, craft, and generally get up to silly antics. One of the things I love about hanging out with her is actually something we do ahead of time. We realized about 15 years ago that sometimes we had different [...]

What Doctors Aren’t Telling You About Healing Pain

"HOLY SH**!" I looked up from what I was doing and I said, "Everything okay?" "How long to these injections normally take to have an effect?" "Often within seconds. Is it feeling better?" A patient had been suffering from sore joints in his feet. I suggested we try an injection-based therapy to help the tissues [...]

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