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Train your Intuition in 12 Steps

Leaving the grocery store my eyes widened as the women’s produce rolled all over the parking lot, dozens of apples awkwardly bumping down the pavement, with gravity, that fierce mistress, as their accomplice, attempting to escape their fate of becoming something delicious. I jumped into action, along with another passerby, grabbing what we could, running after what we [...]

Resolutions Don’t Work. Consider this Instead.

I miss writing. I miss the habit, the practice, the publishing, the feedback and the growth that comes from writing. I miss sharing information that has improved my life, and very well might improve yours. I love finding small moments in the day and understanding them in a big way as if everything is connected. [...]

TONIC PODCAST – Ep 04 – Eating Healthfully

Healthy eating is the foundation of good health. If you don't have your health, then you don't have anywhere to live. the importance of knowing what foods work best for you the benefits of eating a plant-based diet how to easily eat more veggies than you thought was possible Dr. Tonia's secret for making sure you're [...]

TONIC PODCAST – Ep 03 – Staying Healthy over the Holidays

Holiday crazy time! Wowzas. It's on. Personally, I have three parties this week alone! Oy. Staying healthy over the holidays is possible, I promise sweet one. This podcast will show you how. why we've got the holiday season all wrong what mother nature teaches us about how to approach the holidays 5 ways to maintain [...]

Your Responses: What does HEALTH mean to you?

I have these posters up in my office that are also a collaborative art project. The big pieces of paper have questions on them. Beside the poster is a box of felts. When people come to my office, if they feel so inclined, publically answer the questions. It’s time to rotate them so I wanted [...]

Your Responses – What is YOUR medicine?

There is a fun thing I do in the office. I post a question on a poster size piece of paper and conveniently leave some felts lying around. Our patients and clinic visitors fill the blank page with inspiring responses, transforming them into beautiful, collaborative art projects. It’s time to rotate them so I wanted to [...]

Preventing Stress: Avoiding Energy, Time & Money Drains.

I recently closed the chapter of an illuminating (and extremely stressful) situation. It required a lot of time, a lot of energy, and unfortunately some money. Even though it came out of the blue it somehow didn’t surprise me. But I still hadn’t budgeted the time, energy or money for it. I drew on deep emotional [...]

TONIC PODCAST – Ep 02 – The big “S” Stress, How it Affects Us, and How To Heal It

"Health is not something you do for one day, it is something you do every day." Dr. Tonia Winchester three uber common root causes of stress how stress affects the entire body specifically the gut, nervous and reproductive systems simple strategies to support the affected organs including three easy breezy techniques to heal the effects [...]

TONIC PODCAST – Ep 01 – What You Need to Know about Supporting Your Immune System

Hooray! I am so glad you're here listening to my first podcast. This week is all about the immune system - perfectly timed since we're deep in the gunk and mucus of cold and flu season. Why "immune boosting" is a myth and what you need to be doing instead My personal practice for making sure [...]

I Have Nothing To Say, and Why That’s Okay

I put my hand up and when he called on me I said, "I have nothing to say." After pausing for my retreat mates to stop laughing I continued speaking. But... ~ A couple weekends ago I went to an Emotional Freedom Technique event. Brad Yates - my favourite YouTube source of this personal growth [...]

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