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TONIC PODCAST – Ep 01 – What You Need to Know about Supporting Your Immune System

Hooray! I am so glad you're here listening to my first podcast. This week is all about the immune system - perfectly timed since we're deep in the gunk and mucus of cold and flu season. Why "immune boosting" is a myth and what you need to be doing instead My personal practice for making sure [...]

I Have Nothing To Say, and Why That’s Okay

I put my hand up and when he called on me I said, "I have nothing to say." After pausing for my retreat mates to stop laughing I continued speaking. But... ~ A couple weekends ago I went to an Emotional Freedom Technique event. Brad Yates - my favourite YouTube source of this personal growth [...]

Your Intention Matters – More Than You Think

Love. Joy. Peace. Integrity. Kindness. Love. Joy. Peace. Integrity. Kindness. With each step I kept repeating these words. Love. Joy. Peace. Integrity. Kindness. This was my. mantra as I left the centre of the labyrinth on a retreat recently, grounding those words into the earth under my feet, and the earth of my body. I [...]

4 Steps to Easy, Relaxed Breathing

I finished my book and it was time for another one. I was standing in front of my bookshelf and nothing was jumping out. You know the, "I have nothing to wear," thing except for books. I thought, "Okay, what has been on my shelf for awhile that maybe I forgot about and never got [...]

The Most Important Thing To Prevent Heart Attacks and Strokes

At a naturopathic conference at the end of April one of my favorite speakers presented on women's health. Dr. Jonathan Wright is a medical doctor practicing functional medicine (aka naturopathic medicine). He is a very entertaining man, and always full of incredibly relevant data and insights. He spent several minutes talking about how women can [...]

Communication 101 – How to talk and listen with out triggering each other

A year ago I joined a women's dream circle. There are 6 of us, all healers. We meet once a month to witness and process each others' dreams. We call it "process" and not "analyze" because our approach allows us as the collective dreamer to integrate the experience of the dream, and not just attach [...]

What Moving Taught Me About The Healing Process

I moved. Blah. No one likes moving. Even if the new spot is your beautiful, rural forever home, (aka an awesome move!) it's still a lot. A lot of coordinating, a lot of phone calls, a lot of experimentation, and a lot of schlepping. As I was moving I kept drawing parallels to the complicated, [...]

Why You Get Sick on Vacation and How To Not

I've been out of town a lot lately. Once to Vancouver to become a God Mumma. A second time to Vancouver for a conference. Once to Seattle for a workshop slash many fun good times, and once to Toronto for my 10 year naturopathic class reunion. (Also many fun good times.) In addition to all this [...]

What Do You Truly Deserve?

Lets talk about the word, "deserve." Particularly around the topic of food. I find it interesting, the deserving of food. Especially food that doesn't make us feel good. This topic has been rattling around in my brain thingy for a few weeks. To me, "I deserve," is a funny thing to say about food. I mean [...]

What To Do With Your Negative Emotions

Isn't this picture cool? I took it the other day and I just love it. I adore how the shadows of the beams from the fence kept the snow on the ground. As soon as I saw this on my walk with the dawgy I had a whirl wind of words come through me. Thank golly [...]

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