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My Secret Intention I Say Before I Do Pretty Much Anything

May this article be a healing article. May it reduce pain and suffering. May it bring more love, joy, and health into the world. It was clinic moving day. I was at the new clinic alone getting the moving boxes I'd stored there, before meeting the moving crew at the old clinic. It was a [...]

Your Body Remembers How to Heal

I went salsa dancing last week for the first time in several weeks. It was over two months, which in the span of my 10- year salsa dancing stint is a pretty long time. Even over the course of my life as a dancer (I started at age 3 or 4) 2 months is a [...]

Dr. Tonia’s Favorite Things from 2016

This time of year always sparks nostalgia for me. And maybe for you too. Some questions I tend to ask myself (and you can ask yourself) include: What went well this year? What sucked? What seemed bad but became a sparkly gift in the end? What would I do differently if I could? If I [...]

How to Fly Smoothly Through Life’s Ups and Downs

You know those moments in life when you think to yourself, "Gosh! Everything is going so smoothly right now!" I am not in one of those moments nor have I been for several months. This is why I haven't been consistently posting new content and sending out newsletters. It's not because I'm not thinking about [...]

Who Holds the Key to World Peace?

Facebook kindly told me today is the United Nations International Day of Peace.  Ironically that platform is not the most peaceful place to me to spend time and I try to minimize it as much as possible. I am only on it to find out about local salsa events. It is a means to a peaceful [...]

5 Steps to Prevent Disappointment in Relationships

I recently took a little holiday to get some sister medicine. I love our visits. We laugh, craft, and generally get up to silly antics. One of the things I love about hanging out with her is actually something we do ahead of time. We realized about 15 years ago that sometimes we had different [...]

What Doctors Aren’t Telling You About Healing Pain

"HOLY SH**!" I looked up from what I was doing and I said, "Everything okay?" "How long to these injections normally take to have an effect?" "Often within seconds. Is it feeling better?" A patient had been suffering from sore joints in his feet. I suggested we try an injection-based therapy to help the tissues [...]

The Easiest Way to Organize Your Supplements

When I first meet patients they often bring in a bag of supplement bottles that they have collected over quite some time. They saw something on Dr. Oz, which they decide to buy. Then at the health food store they were encouraged to get products a, b, and c instead of (or in addition to) the [...]

Two Steps to Healing Miracles

You have probably heard a version of the quote, "That which is measured, improves." Quantum scientists recognize this phenomenon identified by Werner Heisenberg: When particles are observed their behavior changes. He said, "What we observe is not nature itself, but nature exposed to our method of questioning." I see this in my work as well. [...]

It’s Not What You Know, But What You Do.

It's not what you know, it's what you do. I heard that quote from Todd Henry. I'm not sure if he said it first. When I google it all I get is people who said, "It's not what you know but who you know." I suppose this is also good information. It's not my specific point today, but [...]

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