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Let your BodyTalk.

Fatigue. Pain. Constipation. Rashes. Menstrual cramps. Anxiety. Stress.

Do you ever feel like your body is desperately trying to tell you something with it’s physical and emotional symptoms?

You may completely agree but have no idea what it is actually trying to say.

Fret not, my overwhelmed and exhausted friend! I’m here to help you translate. Think of me as the interpreter between your body, mind, and life. I like to call myself a life-body doctor.

Like all my work, BodyTalk is ultimately about reducing suffering and bringing more joy into the world.

Women come to me with symptoms such as fatigue, menstrual irregularities, skin problems, digestive concerns, anxiety and stress.

When we work together we discover the real issues behind their pain and discomfort.

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Understand Your Body’s Messages.

Imagine being able to ask, “Hey, Body. What the heck are you trying to tell me with this headache? Am I dehydrated? Am I eating an offensive food? Am I stressed?”

Or, “Hey, Ankle! Why are you taking so long to heal from that sprain?”

Or, “Hey, Belly! Why do you get so upset every time I’m on my way to my parents?”

How is your unique life situation affecting your body’s ability to communicate with itself and heal completely?

How is your body functioning?

BodyTalk helps us understand these questions.

Once we understand we can change.

Despite it’s name it’s not a talk therapy. We don’t talk it out, we tap it out.

The tapping is like uploading new information that the body can use to come back into balance.

BodyTalk allows the body and mind to function as a team.

BodyTalk has helped my patients:

  • lift depression
  • calm anxiety
  • decrease pain
  • gain more energy
  • have babies
  • deepen sleep quality
  • enjoy a better life outlook and sense of well-being

Lets Get You Healthy, Happy, and Doing What You Love

Want to try it?

Local to Nanaimo on Vancouver Island, BC? Click here.

This is super awesome if you have an extended health care plan.

Not local? Lets BodyTalk via Skype.

I’m ready if you are!

Curious to know more?

Here are some common questions I get about what BodyTalk is and how it works.

How would I benefit?

I listed some common examples above, but it can help with what ever is going on. I am totally convinced this is natural medicine’s best kept secret. Your body is like a compass that can guide you to your delightful life if you know how to listen.

“I’ve had lots of great results. My hair stopped falling out, my skin is getting clearer, more energy, lots of great insights!” 
-Anne Boschman

“You were definitely right about feeling more energetic and clear.”
– Nahanni Faith Hartwood

Does this stuff really work?

In a word, yes. It really is a profound tool that can help you discover what the heck your body is trying to tell you with all your nagging, miserable symptoms. Not only that, but it heals the real issues behind your symptoms so your body can repair itself.

Before you get your knickers all knotted up, I’ll be the first to admit: BodyTalk is wacky.

If I heard about BodyTalk from anyone but Tonia, I’d be skeptical. But I totally trust her. She tuned in and identified all kinds of issues and concerns I’ve been dealing with in a way that made a surprising amount of physiological sense.”
– Nikki Elledge Brown

How the Heck Does it Work?

It is a comprehensive system designed to identify and balance the body’s “priorities.” Woah, that was a lot of woo woo talk. Lets dig into it.

Identify: Before healing comes awareness. We need to become conscious of the underlying causes of the troubles we face before we can hope to dissolve those troubles.

Balance: This is an ambivalent word. I totally get that. I use it here because BodyTalk can stimulate or inhibit, expand or contract, repair or destroy depending on what’s been identified as a prioity. BodyTalk can have different effects in different circumstances. So I use the word balance to encompass all of it’s possibilities.

Priority: Often we have a lot of stuff going on. We have past experiences, current existences and future possibilities to be concern about. BodyTalk hones in on the most important things that need to be addressed – hence the word priority.

“Dr. Tonia takes out the “airy fairy” and provides grounded, real world solutions and results.”
– Jodine Buydens

Still a little confused?

In my naturopathic medical training I learned (and currently believe) that every being on the planet has the ability to heal itself (the fancy Latin name for this is the Vis Medicatrix Naturae).

We all have an innate wisdom that directs our cells, tissues and organs like an orchestra. Think about when you scrape your knee. Ha, it’s a bit of a trick statement. And that’s the point. You don’t really need to think about anything when you scrape your knee.

Your body knows just what to do.

Somehow the proper cells and molecules show up so that the wounded tissue can heal.

That’s the magic of the Vis!

“I found the session to be extremely enlightening. I made profound connections between different aspects of my health and well being. The session enabled me to see old health concerns in a new and transformative light. Dr. Tonia provides a safe space to explore she is there to support you through whatever comes to light during the BodyTalk session.”
– Jessica Drury

Various factors can cause breakdowns in body communication. These include:

  • microbial organisms (bugs)
  • toxins (guck that we breath, touch, drink or eat)
  • work or social environments (drama)
  • food allergens (or sensitivities)
  • negative thoughts (I’m so fat)
  • emotions (I’m so sad) or
  • memories (this terrible thing happened to me.

The communication break down causes our bodies to suffer with our niggly, annoying, persistent, and sometimes serious symptoms.

Talk Body Talk.

On the flip side if all the body parts are getting along tickety-boo and communicating, in a balanced way, style=”line-height: 1.5em;”>the body’s only choice will be to be healthy…

…I could ramble on about this forever. The best thing to do is try it for yourself.

“I feel more balanced and whole. Dr. Tonia reminded me that I have the power to heal myself. She is a healer, doctor, body whisperer, all in one. I’m completely in love with BodyTalk!”
– Nadia Banna

Want to try it?

Local to Nanaimo on Vancouver Island, BC? Click here.

This is super awesome if you have an extended health care plan.

Not local? Lets BodyTalk via Skype.

I’m ready if you are!

Medical Disclaimer (the heavy stuff):

I can not do my doctoring over the internet. Sawry! But to properly assess people and diagnose them I need them in front of me. (If you’re confused here is the dealio. BodyTalk is not diagnostic and hence can be done at a distance.)

And also, even though I’m a licensed Naturopathic Doctor in BC, you can not claim your distance BodyTalk sessions on your extended health plans. Insurance companies cover naturopathic consults and treatments done in person. Attempting to claim your distance sessions is fraudulent. I know. It seems heavy, but I just wanted to be clear so there are no misunderstandings.

BodyTalk is a fabulous tool. In fact, it’s my favorite tool. Distance BodyTalk sessions are not naturopathic or medical consults; they are non-diagnostic. However they provide tremendous results, and my unique naturopathic education, experience, and wisdom will filter into the session. Does that all make sense?

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